Q : Do you require that I make a reservation in advance of my order?
A : We ask that you make a reservation, but it is not required. It is best for you to make sure the items you want to rent are available for the date you need them.

Q : Do I need to pay in advance of my rental?
A : We require a small booking fee due upon reservation. It is 25% of your total rental. The booking fee applies to your balance, but is non-refundable.

Q : Am I supposed to wash the tablecloths I rent?
A : No. Just shake free of any food particles, make sure they are dry to avoid mildew, and put them in a bag. We prefer to wash and dry them ourselves to check for stains.

Q : How do I wash the champagne fountain?
A : Please do not wash. Just run warm water through it for a few minutes after emptying the punch or champagne. Dry and return.

Q : Can I put the silver plated flatware in the dishwasher?
A : No. Silver plated flatware will be damaged in the dishwasher. They must be handwashed.

Q : Am I supposed to wash everything I rent?
A : To avoid cleaning charges, we do ask that your dishes and food service items be well rinsed and dried with no food particles remaining. This helps us keep our work load down and our prices more agreeable.

Q : What about set-up of tents?
A : All tent prices include set up and take down. Delivery charges will apply and will vary for distance traveled. For site requirements contact us.

Q : Can a tent be set up on my deck?
A : No. We regret that safety and liability concerns preclude doing so.

Q : Do you carry other inventory not listed here?
A : Yes. Time and space constraints preclude listing our less frequently rented items. For special needs, please contact us.

Q : Do you offer an optional Damage Waiver?
A : Yes. Unless you ask us to delete it, we will add a 10% charge to your rental total. This covers incidental breakage and damage. It does NOT cover theft, loss, ruined tablecloths, cleaning charges or negligence.